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Accelerating the transition in Victoria

News — 07 December 2023

Energy services
Tony Ryan Shara Karamian And Jason Freund

Tony Ryan takes helm of the Energy Services Business

News — 27 November 2023

Data services
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Lumea and QCN expand east coast fibre path

Press Release — 08 November 2022

Mesh Oct 22 Webres

Mesh Weerackoon awarded Chloe Munro Scholarship

Press Release — 26 October 2022

Thought leadership
Renewable Workforce Innerimage

People powering the energy transformation

News — 19 September 2022

Data services
Fire Flood Small

Connected through fire and flood

News — 16 June 2022

Energy connections
REZ Blog 2

The $40bn question of REZ planning

News — 02 June 2022

Wireless colocation
Colo Site Discovery Web

Lumea launches AI digital twin tower portfolio

Press Release — 08 March 2022

Data services
Parkes Fibre

Digital connectivity in Parkes set to soar

Press Release — 10 February 2022

Thought leadership
8 Things That Drove The Energy Transition

Top 7 changes that drove the energy transition in 2021

News — 17 December 2021

Thought leadership
Toby Smiling Substation Innerpage (1)

What's needed to make, move and manage clean energy?

News — 03 November 2021

Bus Web

Next generation electric bus depot for NSW

Press Release — 21 October 2021

Energy connections

Faster grid access lures investors

News — 24 September 2021

Energy connections

Rye Park to be NSW’s largest wind farm

News — 01 September 2021

Data services
Fibre Ciena Wavelength 1

Lumea and Ciena to enhance connectivity in regional Aus

Press Release — 07 July 2021

210421 TRANSGRID Day 4 Drone DJI 0501

Australia’s first privately funded grid scale battery

Press Release — 05 July 2021

Tesla Megapack Block 550X

Australia's battery boom, explained

News — 28 May 2021

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