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Lumea’s co-location services connects customers to leasable space on our extensive portfolio of 37,000+ towers to facilitate the installation and rollout of wireless networks.

Our network of transmission and communications towers available for colocation across NSW and the ACT allows us to offer backhaul at the high levels of security.

Customers can take advantage of our new automated application process, virtual site scoping – viewing our towers and sites in 3D,  in-house design services, live application tracking, access to secure buildings, robust towers, ground space for a shelter/outdoor unit with access to power and backhaul services.

130 Telecommunications Towers and 37,000 High Voltage Transmission Towers

Applying to colocate

You can request a site information pack here or request an application form here. Once your application to colocate has been approved, you will need to apply for site access.


Click here to view infographic as a pdf

Site Discovery Portal

Search, locate and access sites without leaving your desk.

Our Site Discovery Portal makes it easy for customers to view and evaluate sites and equipment in greater clarity with detailed 3D tower models.

Site Discovery users can view sites in 3D as well as seamlessly add and remove equipment on a Transgrid tower.

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Network Operations Centre (NOC)

For our 24/7 support service desk, please call the NOC on 1800 370 733 or email us at

Contact us

If you have a colo enquiry, please complete the form and a customer service representative will get in touch with you shortly.