TransGrid’s commercial arm, LUMEA, launches today

Press Release - 18 May 2021

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LUMEA launches today bringing world-first solutions to accelerate Australia’s energy transition.

TransGrid has launched its’ commercial arm under the new name LUMEA™, to respond to the need to reduce emissions and enable more renewable energy projects to join the National Electricity Market.

Lumea is a leading infrastructure service provider to renewable energy generators in Australia and large load customers. Lumea also provides carrier grade telecommunications services to over 100 Wholesale, Government and Emergency Services customers.

Lumea holds a portfolio of over 9,000MW of renewable energy projects in operation or under construction. It also ensures the secure delivery of power to major industrial, manufacturing and infrastructure facilities and is offering innovative services and solutions in energy storage, transport and essential services.

TransGrid CEO Paul Italiano said the launch of Lumea is a natural progression for the transmission network.

“The energy industry is undergoing rapid and fundamental changes and Lumea is at the forefront of providing a range of solutions to make a better power system for Australians.”

“I’m delighted to have appointed leading infrastructure executive, Richard Lowe as Lumea’s CEO”, Mr Italiano said.

Richard Lowe said that the launch of Lumea comes at a key time for the sector.

“Our energy system is facing a critical point. The scale of renewable energy generation to date has been substantial but we know more is required and more solutions are necessary to effect the transition to a clean energy future. We have an opportunity now to leave a legacy for generations to come.

“Lumea is at the forefront of the transition to that future. Renewable energy is the cheapest form of electricity in the market and by accelerating that transition we’re enabling the delivery of low-emission, affordable power in greater amounts than ever before.

“To do this we provide customers with innovative solutions, flexible commercial arrangements and competitive long-term service commitments. Our customers are looking for a bespoke approach to meet their needs so it’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation. The ability to provide these services for contracted terms for up to 30 years, ensures quality solutions, resilience of service provision and a shared future for our customers and the communities we serve,” Mr Lowe said.

Innovation is a core of Lumea’s approach and this is reflected in key projects.

The New England Transmission Infrastructure (NETI) development is progressing a new model for renewable energy capacity auctions, designed to maximise private sector investment in renewable energy and accelerate the delivery of a further 1,400MW of reliable, affordable energy to the market.

The Wallgrove Grid Battery in Western Sydney is the first of its kind to provide grid-scale synthetic inertia as well as providing users with a ‘storage-as-a-service’ solution to assist integrate increased levels of intermittent renewable generation whilst maintaining grid stability.



About Lumea:
First established in 2017 as a business division within TransGrid, Lumea has built an industry reputation as experts in designing, delivering and operating complex projects for customers. Combining proven expertise in infrastructure and telecommunication services and commercial and technical innovation, Lumea has a portfolio of over 10GW of renewable energy generation being brought into the market and is also a leading provider of telecommunications services with a focus on regional areas, data transmission and emergency broadcast services.

About TransGrid:
TransGrid operates and manages the high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW and the ACT and provides innovative energy solutions for more than three million homes and businesses. TransGrid’s network is the backbone of the National Energy Market, enabling energy trading between Australia’s three largest states along the east coast and supporting the competitive wholesale electricity market.

About Richard Lowe:
Richard joined TransGrid in 2017 as the Executive Manager of TransGrid's commercial services and market facing businesses. Richard has over 25 years’ experience in the infrastructure sector including senior management and executive and non-executive director roles across listed and unlisted markets in Australia and internationally.


Lumea media contact:
Suzanne Shepherd; 0409 495 152

TransGrid media contact:
Kate Davies; 0438 437 466