Asset management

Building, owning and operating high voltage connections assets means that we're able to offer unique assurances for O&M over long-term periods.

Energy management

Getting connected is just the first step. We will make sure you stay reliably connected for the next 30+ years. Our management of maintenance and our capability to offer spare parts and transformer services ensures your operations continue running smoothly.

We know how to optimise the asset life cycle. We are constant innovators in the areas of energy capture, delivery, storage and supply reliability, ensuring producers and consumers enjoy safe, reliable and dependable services.

Because we build, own and operate the assets required for high voltage connections, we are also able to offer unique assurances on the management of maintenance and operations – we take care of asset management and operational risk.

We develop and deliver market solutions and services in energy storage, supply reliability, system resilience, microgrids, and energy management systems.

Our spares strategy is highly comprehensive, spanning across the eastern seaboard of Australia, and beyond. Offering optional spare transformer services for remote areas mitigates against the risk of interruption to operations due to an external event.

Whether we need to build assets to stabilise the network, firm up supply, or oversee maintenance, we collaborate with our customers and apply our network and market knowledge resulting in quality energy management.

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