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Connected through fire and flood

News - 16 June 2022

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We live in a time when consistent connectivity is essential. Our world is more digitally driven than ever before and reliable internet has become a must in our society—from business to everyday tasks. So, how do we keep our digital world connected and functioning during natural disasters and outages?

In Australia we’ve seen floods, fires and other natural disasters cut off entire towns—both physically and technologically. An example that’s still all too fresh in our minds is the flooding across New South Wales and Queensland. Essential telecommunications services went down, causing disruptions to banking and payment services, business operations, and even reaching emergency services.

Staying connected during disasters is key to safety, everyday life, and business continuity. With a focus on delivering a more connected country now and into the future, LUMEA™’s network has been proven to withstand both floods and fires. How have we kept our network up when others fall down?

As well as operating across one of the largest fibre networks in Australia, we’ve got another trick up our sleeve. Network diversity. Our backbone fibre runs along overhead electrical transmission towers. This extensive “Fibre in the Sky” Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) network combined with our underground fibre and 3rd party partners such as nbn™ is what makes our network truly diverse.


“Our "Fibre in the Sky” isn’t affected by fire because the vegetation around it is always clear and it won’t get cut off by flooding. If something goes down, we have the diversity to be able to pull it back up ourselves,” says Basanta Neupane, Telecommunications Design Engineer at LUMEA™.


“In 2019, when we experienced devastating bushfires in New South Wales, a customer came to us for help. At a time when no other supplier could assist them, we were able to turn on the new services for them within a matter of weeks," Basanta explains.

It’s not only natural disasters that make reliable connectivity important. As our world charges forward, adopting more and more technological advancements, businesses need a network that can quickly deliver an alternate connectivity path if there’s an outage.

Ensuring your business has a redundant or diverse network path is critical to business continuity. It means your employees can remain productive and you can continue to deliver a consistent customer experience, even in the face of natural disasters or outages caused by human error.

Consistent connectivity also means you can make more informed business decisions. Is your internet connection reliable enough to power Internet of Things devices such as medical equipment, security cameras, or even traffic lights? With network diversity, you can confidently pursue more digital initiatives knowing that you have the connectivity to support them.

“I would say network diversity is one of the key requirements for businesses today. As well as providing seamless day-to-day operations, it opens up more digital transformation initiatives and opportunities to attract and retain customers,” says Basanta.

In a world where technology is intertwined with our business and personal lives, reliable internet connectivity has become almost as essential as power and water. Can you count on your connection to stand up when others fall down?


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