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Supporting Victoria’s energy ambitions

News - 17 April 2024

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Victoria stands at the forefront of Australia's renewable energy transition with one of the nation's most ambitious transition plans. With targets set at 95 percent renewable energy by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2045, the scale of this endeavour is monumental. As the largest connector of renewables in Australia, Lumea is leveraging our expertise across the Transgrid Group to support Victoria in achieving its targets.

The projected figures underscore the magnitude of the transition. Victoria is a leader with generation and storage, with the latter having targets to grow dramatically to 6.3GW over the next 10 years.  The number of projects and connections to support these targets reflects the immense opportunity for renewable energy integration. 

But with great ambition comes great responsibility to deliver on these goals. The success of Victoria's transition hinges on the seamless integration of these renewable energy systems into the grid.  

Lumea’s expertise spans solar, wind, pumped hydro, and battery energy storage systems and we are dedicated to streamlining the connection process for our clients. Our office in Melbourne is growing exponentially. We recognise the unprecedented nature of this challenge and are committed to finding innovative solutions. Agility, cooperation, collaboration, and reflection are imperative as we navigate this transition at scale. 

Lumea’s General Manager Energy Services, Tony Ryan says, “We’re proud to be working with our customer on projects in Victoria providing the necessary connection assets they need to allow them to bring renewable energy online as quickly as possible. Our collaboration with partners like Equis and the State Electricity Commission to deliver the landmark long-storage battery project, Melbourne Renewable Energy Hub, exemplifies our shared commitment to driving progress in Victoria's clean energy transition.”   

Lumea is also poised to deliver major transmission projects. Investment Director Victoria, Graham Widger says, “We are here to support VicGrid and the Victorian Government to deliver on its targets. By leveraging our aggregate purchasing power and learnings in community engagement approaches gained from previous projects in NSW, we are confident earlier delivery dates are possible.” 

As an experienced provider of grid-scale battery solutions for the National Electricity Market, Lumea is applying knowledge, innovation and efficiency to Victoria’s transition. We have delivered the first grid-scale battery in NSW at Wallgrove, pioneering the use of synthetic inertia to assist network stability. We are also working towards providing Victoria with another 4-hour battery in Deer Park, near the CBD. 

Lumea’s Executive General Manager, Craig Stallan, says, “It’s widely accepted that ‘there’s no transition without transmission’ and it's also true that ‘there is no transition without new renewable generators and storage.’ It’s certainly less catchy, but equally important for us at Lumea.”  

Stallan adds: “Our local mission is clear: to fast-track Victoria's transition to clean energy in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We recognize the community's need for relief from energy bills, and we are committed to collaborating with government and industry stakeholders to accelerate the delivery of renewables to the grid.” 

Undeniably, developing a more sustainable grid is not just beneficial for the environment; it is a win-win for the community, industry, and government alike and we’re proud to be driving meaningful progress towards a more sustainable future for Victoria and beyond.