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Tony Ryan takes helm of the Energy Services Business

News - 27 November 2023

Tony Ryan Shara Karamian And Jason Freund

Tony Ryan has been appointed Acting General Manager of the Lumea Energy Services business as Shara Karamian departs for new opportunities.

As the largest provider of connections to Australia’s National Electricity Market, Lumea’s Energy Services business  plays an essential role in connecting renewable energy generators to the grid. “From a technical and delivery perspective, our team knows how to do this  really well,” he says. 

As Ryan steps into the new role, he is excited about the opportunity to interface with customers to better understand their pain points and deliver a service that is needed. “We are creating new models and structures that can accelerate connections for our customers and ensure that reliable service will happen over the long course of each generator’s lifetime,” says Ryan. “We're an organisation that has so many different touch points with customers and to be across all of that while striving to enhance the customer experience is really exciting.” 

Ryan, brings years of experience from his native USA, where he developed and structured projects for large scale energy and infrastructure projects, including with Bechtel and Amtrak.  

As Investment Director for Lumea’s New South Wales projects, Tony Ryan has overseen a massive 2023 in the state. Since joining earlier this year, he’s been leading Lumea’s  investment efforts in the state, including those for upcoming large-scale Renewable Energy Zone projects. 

As he takes on the mantle of Acting General Manager for Lumea’s Energy Services, he has solid plans for the company’s part to play a crucial role in powering the energy transition forward across the eastern seaboard. In New South Wales, Ryan will be driving the value proposition for Lumea’s customers—working to deliver against the government’s targets. “We’ll be doing that by really demonstrating the interface with Transgrid and showing how it's a seamless process, regardless of what other work is transpiring,” he explains. “We know from the government's perspective that getting more of these generation facilities online is a key priority and so that's important to us too.”

Looking to 2024 and industry trends, Ryan forecasts a perspective shift on projects to a more holistic approach. “If you're developing a large scale wind or solar project, we’re seeing a move away from thinking about it as a generation facility that needs to connect to the grid, and instead towards thinking of whole-of-life projects: how does energy storage and energy security fit within the overall project, and are there opportunities for us to plan ahead and incorporate those collectively,” he says. “It’s now about how we can leverage the co-generation facilities to create a great outcome for the customers.”

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