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Lumea launches AI digital twin tower portfolio

Press Release - 08 March 2022

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In a world-first for customers, Lumea has partnered with LeBLANC and SiteSee to create a fully digitised infrastructure portfolio accessible through a self–service portal which will streamline applications, inspection and maintenance activites for Lumea’s Telecommunications Wireless Colo customers.

The platform will enable customers to virtually scope sites in 3D, instantly deliver accurate ‘As-Surveyed’ information and inventory comparison reports with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) mapping via SiteSee’s Artificial Intelligence Digital Twin technology and doceo, LeBLANC’s digital engineering services.

Customers will no longer need to physically inspect sites to apply or manage their equipment on leased sites, instead being able to virtually add and remove their equipment. Doing so will instantly convert to an application to colocate, saving time on both site visits and detailed desktop analysis.

The self-service portal will be available to all Lumea Wireless Colo customers who lease space from a range of 37,000+ towers spanning both metro and regional NSW and ACT. Customers will be able to access 3D Digital Twins of Lumea’s towers and their equipment in a way that is precise both in geometry and scale.

The tool will optimise obligatory compliance and safety processes, while also enabling customers to immediately evaluate Lumea sites for space reservations, Electro Magnetic Energy (EME), and separation, as well as easily add equipment to the digital twin which will convert into an online application.

Lumea Head of Telecommunications, Glenn Wood said “This tool further demonstrates the investment we are making in smart application and maintenance programs to advance digital connectivity across our network. This is another example where we are bridging the digital divide by enabling better mobile coverage and critical commuincation services for consumers in rural and regional areas.”

The high-quality 3D modelling tool will also be able to be used as navigating tools for engineers and planners to make better informed decisions based on live, factual information, as well as streamlining processes for mobile network operators to rollout their wireless networks at a faster pace.

Lumea Wireless Colocation Manager Claudine Southwell said “Collaborating on Site Discovery with LeBLANC and SiteSee is a great step in our digital transformation journey. This is a game changer for our customers as it will cut out the capital and labour costs of conducting site visits, save time on Site Acquisition, Environment and Design (SAED) and redesign work, instantaneously evaluate installations, and increase their speed to market.”

The first phase of the project has been delivered, allowings users to view 3D renders of their sites in real time. The full suite customer self-service portal and integrated map where customers will be able to apply for site access, check the status of applications, complete necessary forms and training inductions will be delivered in later in 2022.


About Lumea:

First established in 2017 as a business division within TransGrid, Lumea has built an industry reputation as experts in designing, delivering and operating complex projects for customers. Combining proven expertise in infrastructure and telecommunication services and commercial and technical innovation, Lumea has a portfolio of over 10GW of renewable energy generation being brought into the market and is also a leading provider of telecommunications services with a focus on regional areas, data transmission and emergency broadcast services.

About LeBLANC:

LeBLANC is a major contributor to the world of communications infrastructure, having established a presence in a number of regions across the globe. Over the 60+ years LeBLANCs’ innovative and engineering focused ideology has resulted in the development of an expansive library of structural solutions. LeBLANC today, 100% Australian owned, supports an array of sectors including communications, mining, wind farms and power.  Holding several patents underpinned with a philosophy of engineering excellence, LeBLANC is committed to delivering to a higher standard.

About SiteSee:

Sitesee is a “deep tech” organisation founded in 2016 that delivers AI enabled 3D digital twin solutions to the telecommunications industry. The platform delivers precise digitisation of customer asset data and workflows and enables full transparency for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. The SiteSee digital transformation platform supports telecommunications providers wanting to digitise core operations. Telco’s using the SiteSee platform respond faster to customer requests, leverage existing data and boost transparency, resulting in improved customer delivery, reduced costs, and additional value for shareholders.


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