Energy storage

Australia needs 46GW of storage capacity by 2050. We are focused on helping meet that demand.

Our market knowledge and expertise give Lumea a strategic advantage over other operators.

We combine our expertise in infrastructure and connections with a unique model to design, own, operate and apportion commercial value to grid-scale batteries – enabling our customers to focus on the core revenue activities that matter to them. Our specialised knowledge of transmission infrastructure and deep experience in connecting renewable assets to the grid positions Lumea to be a leading battery developer in Australia.

Wallgrove Grid Battery

Wallgrove: NSW's first grid-scale battery

The Wallgrove Grid Battery is a 50MW/75MWh grid battery that uses Tesla Megapack technology to output power equivalent to about 125,000 solar panels. With funding support from the NSW Government and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, this project is designed to test grid-scale synthetic inertia and fast frequency response capabilities to address projected inertia shortfalls in the electricity network.

It is structured using an innovative commercial arrangement with Iberdrola Australia, combining network support services and consumer outcomes in a single project.

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Melbourne Grid Battery

Melbourne: load side grid-scale battery

Melbourne Grid Battery will be located at Deer Park Energy Hub and substation, 20km West of Melbourne's CBD. Providing 280MW/560MWh capacity, Deer Park will be built as two batteries and will be one of the few storage facilities in the National Electricity Market to be located on the load side, close to a source of high energy demand.

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