Melbourne Grid Battery

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The Melbourne Grid Battery is being developed by Lumea 20km West of Melbourne’s CBD and will contribute to optimising the use of renewable energy in Victoria and across the National Electricity Market.


Melbourne • VIC

Energy Supplied


The Melbourne Grid Battery is currently being developed by Lumea and will be located at the Deer Park Energy Hub and substation, a key source of electricity supply for metropolitan Melbourne. It will be one of the few batteries in the National Electricity Market to be located on the load side, close to a source of high energy demand.

Lumea, which sits as part of Transgrid group, has a substantial land asset at Deer Park with available bays and adequate network capacity. Transgrid is the transmission network service provider for NSW and the ACT, as well as a declared transmission system operator in Victoria.

Deer Park Substation Melbourne Victoria


Australia’s energy transition is seeing significant change in the energy landscape in the shift to renewable energy, and the infrastructure that is required to get there. Batteries are playing an important role supporting this transition.

The Melbourne Grid Battery will also optimise the use of renewable energy generation in Victoria and across the National Energy Market by providing energy storage services and supplying energy when most needed, and may also offer services to support grid reliability and system support.

Lumea’s Director of Energy Development, Sabooh Whitelaw, says, “Lumea believes that energy storage will play a crucial role in ensuring the security and reliability of Australia's energy system.  It is crucial to accelerate the deployment of clean firming capacity, such as grid-scale batteries, to expedite the energy transition and offer significant additional benefits to the consumers.”

Community and Stakeholders

We are committed to genuine and purposeful engagement that puts listening and responding to the community at the heart of our approach. Our plan for engagement is inclusive, collaborative and tailored to the diverse needs of the Melton City Council Local Government Area. 

Local community, First Nations people and other key stakeholders have been consulted as part of the development of the project since 2015. In 2023, we engaged with the community surrounding Deer Park Terminal Station to understand the priorities, perspectives and needs of the Melton community. 

Further activities are planned for 2024 to continue to build on the engagement to date.

We believe everyone has the right to have their say. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information, please email the community team

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