Data Centre Interconnect

Agile Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) services to Australia's major locations powered by LUMEA Wavelength.

Benefits of DCI

  1. Our wavelength grows with your needs: future proof your organisation with scalable speeds from 10Gbps to 400Gbps+

  2. Streamline your network performance: Access lower latency for your operations with point-to-point high bandwidth capacity.

  3. Create ease of equipment compatibility: Access mission critical & cloud based applications with the support of full protocol transparency. 

Why choose DCI serviced by LUMEA?

  1. LUMEA differentiates itself by operating in a critical infrastructure environment - Our assets are held to stringent operational standards.

  2. Critical thinking is a key pillar of LUMEA. We work outside traditional parameters to offer customers innovative outcomes.

  3. Our Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) aerial fibre ensures built-In physical resiliency & security against natural disasters & fibre vandalism.

Our Locations

Lumea Wavelength Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) Service


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Data Centre Interconnect provides point-to-point connectivity between data centres and public clouds to enable the rapid transfer of data and enable back-ups for redundancy. Redundancy secures network availability and decreased failure risk along critical data paths.  

Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) enables the transmission of these critical data assets over any distance:

  • metro
  • regional
  • longhaul between capital cities & regional centres

LUMEA's DCI service is available between selected major data centres in capital cities across Australia's Eastern network:

  • Brisbane
  • Sydney
  • Canberra
  • Melbourne

Contact us today to confirm if your data centre can be served by LUMEA.

LUMEA offers wavelength services in the following speeds:

  • 10Gbps
  • 100Gbps
  • 400Gbps

Please contact us to discuss your speed options further.

The DCI service offer is powered by LUMEA's highly reliable Wavelength network, designed and built under stringent operational standards and with built-in physical resiliency. DCI services are, by default, offered as single wavelength path between Data Centres. Increased link protection and diversity options are available upon request, it is important to us that we serve your specific needs.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

LUMEA's core network uses optical fibres built on electrical transmission lines, also known as OPGW or aerial fibre, which provides built-in diversity from ground-level fibres from other carriers and is less prone to natural disasters, such as bushfires and flooding.

If you have another need, please don't hesitate to contact us.     

LUMEA is dedicated to getting your business connected as soon as possible.

The typical provisioning lead time for a DCI service powered by LUMEA is less than 4 weeks. 
*** subject to service qualification and capacity availability 

First established in 2017 as a business division within TransGrid, Lumea has built an industry reputation as experts in designing, delivering and operating complex projects for customers. Combining proven expertise in infrastructure and telecommunication services and commercial and technical innovation, we have a portfolio of over 10GW of renewable energy generation being brought into the market and is also a leading provider of telecommunications services with a focus on regional areas, data transmission and emergency broadcast services.

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