Traffic Updates

Snowy 2.0 Project Traffic Updates

Our focus during construction is to have as little impact on traffic volume as possible. To do this we will do the following: 

  • Deliveries and major traffic movements along Elliott Way are arranged to avoid school bus times of 7:30-8:30am and 3:30-4:30pm school. 
  • Workers will be bused to and from work sites at the beginning and end of their day to reduce private vehicle traffic. Project vehicles will be used to carpool where possible.  
  • Work may be shut down during the Winter months (June, July, August) to avoid snow-season traffic where there are safety concerns. 
  • When changes to traffic conditions are required, traffic management will be put in place. This will include a combination of warning signs on the approach to site, heavy vehicles turning, stop slow Traffic Controllers, temporary traffic controls, detours and signage. 
  • Project construction schedules will ensure any changes to traffic conditions will be kept to the absolute minimum. 
  • Attend the Snowy Valleys Local Emergency Management Committee to share project impacts for communication to the Public. 
  • The speed limit on access track from Elliott Way to the Maragle switching station site will be 40km/h. The speed limit on access tracks will be 30km/h. 
  • Local police, ambulance, firefighting, and emergency services will be notified in the rare case that a delivery brought onto site poses a risk to the operation of emergency services, local traffic movement, or the local community i.e., temporary road closure. 

To find out more, read this fact sheet or our more detailed Transport Strategy and Traffic and Transport Management Plan.