Riverina BESS DNA

Present project


Edify Energy


Murrumbidgee Shire • NSW

Energy Supplied

Combined 150MW / 300MWh


Lumea designed, built and owns the designated assets required for getting power to and from the grid. 

The DNA comprises the Riverina BESS 132/33 kV substation and approximately 200m of 132kV underground cable. 

  • 132 kV Underground Single Circuit cable from Darlington Point substation to Riverina BESS substation (approx. 200m) 
  • 132 kV feeder switch bay without breaker including 132 kV cable termination structure 
  • One of 132/33 kV 180 MVA Transformer 
  • One switchgear building including; 
    • 5 x 33 kV indoor switchboards (Transformer incomer excludes the CB) 
    • One Aux Services Building (ASB) with secondary systems equipment installed 
    • One earthing/auxiliary Transformer 
    • Site amenities and storage shed 

The Designated Assets includes the Primary and Secondary works associated with the above.