Melbourne Renewable Energy Hub (MREH)

Present project


Equis are developing the 2.4GWh Melbourne Renewable Energy Hub (MREH). The project is significant for Victoria, and the National Electricity Market (NEM) more broadly, because of the benefits it will bring to the state, above and beyond what has been achieved to date.  

The project will be delivered in two stages: 

  • Phase 1 – 600MW/1600MWh BESS 
  • Phase 2 – 600MW/1600MWh BESS 

Equis’ desire for technical expertise in 500kV transmission and engineering capability resulted in their partnership with Lumea.  

The accelerated development timeline of the MREH plays a key role in ensuring Victoria’s ambitious timeline of clean energy and net zero targets is met. Once complete, MREH will be the biggest battery in the southern hemisphere and one of the biggest in the world.

Our Project

Lumea will design, build, own and operate the high voltage connections assets for the MREH. 

The project includes the design and construction of  the 500kV MREH Substation and the 1.75km 500kV transmission cable that will link into the existing Sydenham's terminal station, allowing for the MREH to connect into the National Electricity Market (NEM). This is the first 500kV cable in Australia, and also the first 500kV battery connection.  

Lumea will ensure our services and infrastructure meet our customer’s needs and we are committed to supporting Equis, Victoria and more broadly Australia to accelerate the energy transition through  industry collaboration, competitive solutions and technical expertise in high voltage connections. 



Ensuring the timely and cost-efficient delivery of vital large-scale projects while minimising risks is no small feat. Navigating the complexities of the energy transition whilst collaborating with multiple project stakeholders adds a layer of challenge for the teams involved.  


Lumea operates using a BOOM (build, own, operate and maintain) model to deliver connection infrastructure for our customers. This model helps to support developers secure the financing needed and with our experience with connecting and maintaining renewable projects across the Eastern seaboard, Lumea will ensure the successful connection of the MREH to the NEM as well as ongoing O&M.  Leveraging Lumea and Transgid supplier panels and procurement expertise has enabled a cost-effective solution that met the time requirements of the project. 

Project benefits

As a storage facility, the MREH will support Victoria’s renewable energy zones and stabilising Victoria’s energy infrastructure, allowing for increased solar and wind integration into the grid which reduces volatility and lower electricity prices for consumers.  

Innovative inverter technology to support the transmission grid's voltage and frequency and replace 'system inertia' that is lost when coal and gas fired power stations retire over the next decade. 

With intermittent renewables coming online, the need for storage is increasingly important to ensure reliability for consumers during peak periods 

  • Renewable energy is cheaper and cleaner 
  • The efficient delivery model may offset the need for more infrastructure in the future 

The MREH project is expected to create 365 jobs during construction and a further 30 ongoing positions post construction 

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