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Lumea and nbn™ collaboration fuels business success

News - 29 September 2022

Lumea Fuels Business Success

Lumea is dedicated to building pathways to better connectivity, recently expanding our network reach even further with direct fibre to 27 key nbn™ points of interconnect (POIs) in NSW, ACT and VIC. And the list is growing.

Our collaboration with nbn™ combined with our extensive “Fibre in the Sky” Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) network is great news for Australian businesses. It provides both regional and metro areas with the high-speed business grade connectivity, scalability, and unique reliability they need for our fast-paced digital world. This is a key step on our journey to create a more connected Australia.

“It's an exciting time for regional Australia and digital connectivity. By collaborating with nbn™, we’re now able to bring enterprise-grade connectivity to businesses that weren’t located within our network footprint,” says Andrew Ng, Acting Director of Telecommunications at Lumea.

Like Lumea, nbn™ is focused on providing futureproof technology. To give organisations the room they need to grow, business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet can be scaled up or down to suit changing needs. From increasing your workforce to adopting bandwidth-heavy applications, this scalability is key for business growth and digital transformation now and into the future.

Due to the network compatibility of Lumea Carrier Ethernet and business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet networks, we can connect organisations with ease. This powerful duo also allows regional businesses to access the same high-speed internet at a similar price to metro areas.

Not only is it seriously fast, it’s also designed to empower businesses to thrive in the world of cloud and virtual applications. Featuring a symmetrical profile and speeds from as little as 10/10Mbps to 1Gbps, business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is designed for modern demands. The same upload and download speeds deliver consistent high-quality connectivity for cloud computing and video-conferencing, driving key digital initiatives.

“Lumea enables businesses to keep up in a world that demands instant communications and quality service, no matter whether they’re located in the middle of Sydney, or in regional NSW, ACT or VIC. We do this in a way that’s efficient and cost effective because we believe digital infrastructure should benefit all Australians.”

“Using above ground fibre also offers greater network resiliency in times of severe weather, like fire and flood, protecting regional businesses as much as possible from disruption.”

As we continue to innovate and grow our network, we’re excited to see a more connected Australia than ever before. Are you ready to speed up your business?

Connect to Lumea Carrier Ethernet powered by business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet for $0 fibre install plus your 1st month free. Check your eligibility in 3 simple steps here.