Connecting communities

The Opportunity

Creating as much clean, renewable energy as we can, is one of the most important jobs Australia has for the coming decades. It will play a central role in ensuring we meet our net zero targets as soon as possible. It will provide low cost energy that can help industries scale efficiently and exponentially. It will catalyse all kinds of new businesses, from companies building the equipment needed to harness the energy, to technology start-ups at the forefront of discovering smarter ways to create, transmit, store, and use renewable electricity.

Australia’s abundance of renewables and home-grown talent provides us with a window of opportunity to make our mark on the global trade stage. But this legacy will only be made possible because of our regional communities.

More than $40bn of energy transmission infrastructure needs to be built to help update our electricity grid and ensure it can safely and reliably transmit the enormous amount of renewable energy generated across regions in NSW, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland, to the users who need it.  

The Community

We know that while these energy infrastructure projects will fundamentally improve our energy system and help us reach net zero sooner, they will also fundamentally change the way people live in the areas in which this infrastructure is built.

Lumea is working with Governments, customers and industry peers to advocate for an approach to community engagement that puts First Nations people, farmers and local residents at the centre of how projects are developed and executed. We recognise that local knowledge and collaboration can benefit projects in ways that are difficult to quantify. One thing we always see a benefit from is engaging with as diverse a range of voices as possible, as early as possible.

We acknowledge there is much to learn from locals, and First Nations people, especially when it comes to thinking more holistically about our relationship with the land, natural resources, what our energy system could look like, and how to make it all work together.

By making this our starting point, we believe it’s possible to be part of a collaborative mission to build brighter futures for people across all of Australia, no matter who, or where they are.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Lumea, as part of the Transgrid Group, is leading the energy industry in its commitment to reconciliation. We value inclusion and diversity and we are proud to be part of the Group's Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan.

Acknowledging the strength of the reconciliation initiatives that have been delivered and embedded over the past four years across all areas of the Transgrid Group, Reconciliation Australia invited us to develop the Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) linked above. Only about 7 per cent of companies with a RAP have progressed to a Stretch RAP.

We are committed to our Reconciliation efforts and see this as a benchmark from which we can continue to strengthen our initiatives and commitments.

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