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Accelerating Australia's energy transition.

Who we are

LUMEATM is creating competitive and innovative pathways to Australia’s energy future. By asking our teams to bring together a new mix of technologies and essential infrastructure services, we are delivering smarter solutions that benefit all Australians.

We have connected more than 55 generators to the National Energy Market and brought 11GW to the market in the past five years, enough to power four million households.

We’re also one of the leading telecommunications providers to renewable projects in Australia, with a focus on regional areas, data transmission and emergency broadcast services.

Connecting Communities

Creating as much clean, renewable energy as we can, is one of the most important jobs Australia has for the coming decades. To help with this task, we want to be better than average. We want to set benchmarks. We want to exceed expectations.

Find out more about our commitment to building a brighter future for everyone, no matter who or where they are. Or, if you’d like to speak to our community engagement team please email communities@lumea.com.au

Our people

PM Headshot
Paul Maguire

Executive General Manager Lumea

Suze 178X198
Suzanne Shepherd

General Manager Corporate Affairs

Dan Clifford

General Manager Transmission & Energy Development

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Tony Ryan

General Manager of Energy Services (Acting)

Susan Hugget 178 X 198
Susan Huggett

General Manager Telecommunications

Graham Widger
Graham Widger

Major Projects Investment Director VIC

Tomaz Jimenez
Tomaz Jimenez

Major Projects Investment Director NSW (Acting)

Andrew Final
Andrew Ng

Senior Product & Presales Manager

Claudine (178 × 198Px)
Claudine Southwell

Wireless Colo Manager

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